Low Investment Business Ideas For Beginners

There are plenty of ways to navigate the business scene with the least amount of logistics and upfront costs and focus more on getting started. These make an excellent outset for novices and those with a packed schedule to create a side income.

Though starting a business can seem like a herculean task, you can overtake the competition and carve your niche when you have a solid idea and put your efforts into some aspects of the business.

Some business ideas without the traditional startup costs have been listed below

Sell the self-designed t-shirts online

You can put your inventory, shipping, and fulfilment in the hands of a supplier and focus on your designs to be aesthetically pleasing. Even if you fall short in the designing department, you can hire designers using some freelance sites.


Dropshipping offers a third-party supplier to store and ship inventory to your customers on your behalf. You can skip the hassle of handling the delivery of your products and pivot your focus on making the sales.


Create your courses

Intangible products like courses and templates have their unique holdings, and the business owner does not have to worry about margins, manufacturing, or shipping costs. The tricky part is to create a course informational and exciting enough for people to pay and download it. If you have a talent, turn it into a digital product and make way for a new stream of income.

Write a book

Write a book that serves a certain demand in the market. Coffee table books, cookbooks, poetry books are a few types of books people like to own. You can use print-on-demand publishing to test the waters and get your journey in self-publishing started.

Write a book

Sell homemade goods

If you are into DIY soap, sauces, or pottery, you sell them to establish a full-time business online and market your products appropriately to grow the demand. Start out simple on a pre-order basis or in small batches until you generate consistent sales.

Cloud kitchen

Do you love wearing your apron and cooking up marvels in your kitchen? You could set up an online store for your cloud kitchen and get the food delivered using various delivery platforms. The flexibility will be on your side in regards to how many orders you can handle in a day.

In conclusion

It is easier than ever to build your own business due to the technology and third-party suppliers. You can always test your ideas before investing in them. Make your business uniquely yours with intelligent sourcing and shipping your inventory, all on minimum investment, and after that, sky is the limit.

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